Saturday, July 09, 2005

Duck Action Shot

Took a shedload of pics of HK views and the like but haven't uploaded them yet. Just so you know that in taking the pics I will upload tomorrow (back home!) I was mauled no less than 15 times by rogue insects and I am now covered from ankle to thigh in plasters.

In the meantime here is an action shot of our waiter cutting up our Peking duck for consumption with pankcakes etc. He did the whole folding pankcake thing with chopsticks - v. impressive! Shame he only did the first ones for us...

For me, I have to say with all honesty that the food's been OK, but nothing here in HK has topped our very own Famous Chinese in Letchworth Garden City.

Sometime in the next couple of days we will post our final blogs, along with a few more pics.

Now we've got to catch a plane!


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